Internet Marketing

Four Must Have Internet Marketing Tools


This is impressive but I think you should try search engine optimization too.

The other two were AWeber, the e-mail list software and the sales funnel building software. Hope that helps.

Happy New Yew John, from the UK, Great info as always, You did a driving vid some time back about “Starting again from Scratch with no list and money, etc,  Does this still apply in 2015, or would you do anything differently ? Idea for your next Driving with vid !!!  😉  Ps I see from Matts Facebook post you may get your F-Type after all 😉

4 essential tools that everybody needs. There alternatives to each of the tools you mentioned but the key issue is to have that type of resource available in your online business.


I run a business that sells a product locally, do you know of a company that can provide a email list of people in my geographic area. the product sells bit I want to reach more people in this local area.

Hello John , can you put up the exact link for link tracker, I am ready to start myself and you just talking about this tool I have never heard of.

Most ecommerce stores have a wealth of data available to them that should be driving their digital and seo investment strategy. However, so many marketing managers and business owners are focused on the wrong, out dated methods that are leading to very poor decisions.
In this Webinar we are going to show you how to use “simple data insights” to create an ongoing digital strategy for eCommerce stores, that when implemented has proven to increase traffic and most importantly revenues.
You will learn:
Why rankings are still so important but why almost 98% of eCommerce stores focus on the wrong ranking metrics.
Why Content isn’t King and Data is.
How a slight shift in your ‘Link Building” strategy can make a huge difference to your SEO.
UX tweaks that count – on-page has evolved.
Why SEO is not a single channel approach and where to focus your time.

Fabulous video and ultra-informative. I’ve been sitting here watching the vids from Intro on and will no doubt keep watching until the small hours. I haven’t taken the plunge with Shopify yet. I have my products but, recent experiences have shown me that if I don’t get the marketing right first, the products are pretty much dust gatherers. Thanks you Ezra and Shopify (and yes, I’ll be heading to your personal website next) 🙂 cheers

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